Use This Checklist Before Buying An Used Land Rover Discovery

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The British brand, Land Rover, is known for its 4x4s and luxury SUVs. In Australia, the Discovery was named Carsales 2017 Car of the Year.1 Why is the Land Rover a favourite, and what do you need to check before you buy one?

What are the benefits of buying a used Land Rover?

Save money: Land Rovers aren’t cheap, and buying used is a great way to avoid the significant depreciation that comes with buying new. Maintenance and repair parts for the Discovery are less expensive than other 4WD vehicles on the market,2 while diesel engines provide greater fuel efficiency, which can also result in significant savings.

Style and comfort: The Land Rover Discovery for sale is undeniably stylish, with iconic British design and a sleek yet athletic exterior. Luxurious interiors can feature leather, handcrafted wood veneers, brushed aluminium finishers and crafted stitching.1

Extra space: The Discovery features seven full-sized seats, five of which can be folded down to increase the vehicle’s space and storage capacity.

Suited to all conditions: The Land Rover Discovery drives impeccably off-road. Its brake force distribution, optimised geometry, self-levelling suspension and hill descent control ensure it delivers a robust, all-terrain driving experience.1

What should I look for when buying a Land Rover?

A CarHistory report will give you a rundown of the reported history of the Land Rover you’re interested in.

In general, you should look for a used vehicle that is around one to four years old, has a good ANCAP safety rating and is fuel efficient. When it comes to purchasing a Land Rover Discovery, you should pay close attention to a few areas in particular:

Interior trim: Make sure to inspect the interior trim, including the roof lining around the rear skylights as it has been known to warp under the heat of the sun. 2

Seat frames: Early Discoveries had some issues with cracking seat frames.2

Gearbox: Some early models had gearbox problems, which can be expensive to repair, so beware of vehicles with dodgy shift actions or noise.2

Shock absorbers: Some used Discoveries may have worn shock absorbers. Check for wheel bounce and vibration at speed, or excessive steering wheel kick.2

Check with the seller to see when the Land Rover was last serviced and make sure you also inspect the following:

Land Rover recalls:

Unfortunately, there have been a number of Land Rover recalls throughout the years. In Australia, for example, the most recent was issued on 25 March 2018 on the MY2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport, Discovery, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Evoque and Velar models. The recall was due to some engine-mounted fuel rails installed on Ingenium I4 2.0L petrol engines, which were not manufactured correctly. The defective fuel rails could leak, increasing the risk of fire. 3

How can I check the history of a used Land Rover Discovery?

Research shows that one in four used vehicles comes with a hidden issue. 4 A physical inspection will alert you to any mechanical problems, but only a thorough overview of the vehicle’s history can indicate whether the odometer has been wound back, or if the car’s been reported as written off or stolen in the past. This is why a car history report is essential.

A car history report will give you a comprehensive rundown of the reported history of the used Land Rover Discovery you’re interested in so you can purchase with peace of mind.



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