What Ford Fiesta Owners Have To Say

Steven Mauve
3 min readJan 29, 2022

If you’re in the market for a used car — take a look at the used Ford Fiesta reviews — it may guide your decision.

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2012 Ford Fiesta

Reliable, comfortable, easy to drive car.

2009 Ford Fiesta

Great car. Ideal for me and my family. Very happy with it.

2015 Ford Fiesta (international)

Having owned my 65 plate Fiesta 1.25 (82HP) from September 2017, I have noticed that the ride comfort is nice for short trips but on linger journeys it gets very harsh and causes back pain for me anyway. However very reliable and cheap to run, not bad power delivery for a 1242cc engine with 82hp, surprisingly nippy for such a small engine. Gear ratios are spot on and cruise at 70mph at just under 3000rpm in 5th. Average of 43.4MPG. Not overly spacious and the 5 door is much easier for passengers but the 3 door is good to live with for what I use it for, boot space is good considering the size of it

2014 Ford Fiesta

For an “entry” level car this is pretty nice. Sure it doesn’t have air conditioning, alloys or Additional lighting but it’s easy and fun to drive. Very cheap to run. Comfortable seats and a decent stereo system. I found the USB port to be a bit temperamental when hooked up to my iPhone/Spotify. The only downside to this Ford Fiesta for sale is the limited space in the rear.

2010 Ford Fiesta

Easy to drive, comfortable, sturdy and economical to run. Good visibility. Great for women as it is not too small or too big therefore easy to park but you still feel safe in a smallish car (that’s not being sexist I hope)!

2004 Ford Fiesta

I have never had any problems with my car. I have always had Fiestas and would not want anything else now. Very, very reliable cars. Excellent value for money.

2011 Ford Fiesta

We bought this car having run it as a lease car for a year. At the time it was a second car — it is now the only car. It has been a very good car — we have had minimal problems with it, and it has been very reliable. We do a high mileage with long runs at least twice a month, and only once has it let us down when the battery failed — there appears to be a different style of battery care these days! Overall, a good, reliable car and we would certainly get another

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